WHOA!! This Video will get your heart RACING; This is the real DAREDEVIL

nice cycling image 1

I have seen many stunts in my life, never from my own eyes but on the internet. Very rarely, however, do I feel tense during the stunt and am worried that the person doing the stunt may die. This is one such video where for the first half at least, it seemed as if the guy is going to fall off to either side and die a horrible death.

In this video, you will see the cyclist go down from a hill. What’s unique about the hill? The path from the top to the bottom is VERY VERY narrow. As if that’s not enough. It’s not in a straight line. There are gaps in between which the cycle has to jump over. The cycle and the cyclist barely have enough space to cross many areas. Yet, the guy makes it. Awesome video:

Here it is:

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