Why are politicians the way they are?

Picture taken from http://www.teluguone.com/

This blog post has been written by Somesh Batra. Somesh is a telecom professional and a fitness freak. He also has a deep interest in Politics. Somesh blogs at GoFitzy

How would you like to live your life if you work really hard to earn money and then one day you hit a jackpot? You would relax at home, go on vacation, not do any work and probably not meet with people who want to discuss their issues. Now wait for a moment and try to answer following question: –

  • Why do politicians halt parliament proceedings?
  • Why do they walk out of important discussions?
  • Why do they not even go to the parliament?
  • Why do they waste time in raising meaningless slogans rather than working together to take the country forward?
Picture taken from http://www.teluguone.com/
Picture taken from http://www.teluguone.com/

Rings bells? They do it because they can. A politician fights elections, works day and night to win it and then after winning it, he wants to relax and not meet folks who will tell him their problems. But that is not how it is meant to be. These politically elected leaders are actually servant of public. We, the people, have designated them to run our municipality, city, state or country for five years on salary paid by us through our tax money. Unfortunately, we have forgotten our jobs.

Even if we hire an employee for our small tea shop business, we keep close monitoring on his/her work. Then why don’t we monitor such an important task, we have assigned to this servant of ours who is called a politician? Because we expect somebody else to do it for us; because we think that our job is done after electing the right candidate. Here is what we must do NOW. Mind you, these principles are not new but defined in every successful project management course.

Understand Elections
No, you need not research or study your High School social studies again. Just understand one thing that democracy is a number game. It is not about the quality, talent or qualification. Every election is won by numbers and therefore, people fighting election may use legal/illegal means to meet that number. So this is of utmost importance that you vote and make your number count.

Who is financing all the projects?
It is not possible to look out for all the expenses made by government from your tax money but always keep in mind that it is YOUR tax money, no matter how small it is, that government is using for various projects, functions, salaries. So whenever there is a scam, somebody cheated on you with your money. Involve yourself to know more as you would have done if it was fraud done with you.

Use Right to Information (RTI)

Picture taken From http://www.tn.gov.in/rti/
Picture taken From http://www.tn.gov.in/rti/

RTI is such a powerful tool available to Indians. Use it to get status report about work done in your area. You can file RTI to get information about financials, contractor name, number of times work done in last few years about road work in your area, hospitals built, stadium passed etc. Remember, in today’s world this information is knowledge!

Keep track of work done by our elected leaders
These days we have social media, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TV Channels where you can watch. Also clippings are posted on social media like Youtube and Facebook. There are many bloggers doing research for you and providing information. But please validate the information before you share or trust it as nobody is answerable to any posts or forwards.

Play the number game
It may not be possible for you, as an individual to go ask your MLA, MP about what he did in last one week, month or a year, or how many parliament sessions he/she attended, or how many laws he/she supported or rejected, or how many questions he/she raised or even what he/she did for your city, state or country. But always remember that this is democracy – the game of numbers!. Rather than focusing on what can you do alone, focus on removing this hurdle of gathering the number. Build the numbers by gathering people with same interest. Approach MLA, MP for a meeting to discuss your concerns and take status. It is not easy but if you are persistent, it is possible. If people around you believe you are right in your work, they will support you. Look at AAP for example, they are not from political background but Delhi believed in them and has supported them.

Don’t Give up
This is very important. We all have seen tough times with our life in terms of health, wealth or family and have gone through those times and never given up. Why to give up on Nation then? Never say ‘Iss desh ka kuch nahin ho sakta’. It is in much better shape thanmany times I thought my life was and if I have been able to make my life OK, the country definitely can. Let’s all start working for a better tomorrow, better India!