Why Barkha Dutt’s Credibility at Stake and her Book flopped-15 Instances

We all know that how biased and far from truth is the reporting of NDTV paid journalist Barkha Dutt. She always tried to tweak the news and push something, which is far away from truth. Recently, she has released a book named “The Unquiet Land”, the title is also copied it from The Unquiet Land by Ron Duffy. Below is the proof and we hope that content is at least paraphrased. 

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Here are some of the incidents of her false reporting in past, which proves that Barkha Dutt is not a neutral journalist and does not do her work with integrity resulting in deliberate false facts being shown to Nation. All the points are hyperlinked to actual news content. These points also include NDTV overall doing a shabby work and reporting false and specifically motivated news.

  1. Barkha Dutt Supporting Massacre of Kashmiri Pandits and openly saying, whats done is right.
  2. Blaming Modi of Vendetta Politics on Sanjeev Bhatt case, which falls flat after courts slapped Sanjeev Bhatt
  3. She talks bad on Hinduism and Asks US Congress Women Tulsi Gabbad if she wants to continue staying Hindu
  4. ED sends showcause notice to NDTV for alleged FEMA violation
  5. What Happened when People Stopped viewing NDTV  NDTV narrows Q2 consolidated loss at Rs 17.19 crore
  6. One more Instance where NDTV suffered because of work of Journalist like Barkha NDTV reports Q1 net loss at Rs 24 crore 
  7. Why India No Longer Trusts Anti-Modi media. Read This Brilliant Article by Minhaz Merchant
  9. Smriti Irani Slaps Barkha on her false remarks on Intolrance
  10. How Barkha Dutt tries to defame neutral citizens like Raveena Tandon.
  11. When Amit Shah exposed Barkha Dutt on her Face
  12. When PM Narendra Modi Exposes Barkha Dutt
  13. When Madhu Keshawar exposes Barkha Dutt
  14. When Sadhguru slaps Barkha on Beef Ban
  15. When hypocrite Barkha slaps a false case on ritu, a common citizen

Readers are requested to see all these activities and decide if the lady, who cannot even think of her own book name, if such book is worth reading or not.

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