Don’t blame Arvind Kejriwal, Rajya Sabha nominee contest was open for all

Disclaimer: We don’t care a damn about the kind of politics Kejriwal plays. And we are least interested in his party’s internal policies. Our interest is paramount in this case as it involves Rajya Sabha. It indirectly involves every citizen of this country. Having said that, we are convinced, Kejriwal has been fair all along. He gave equal opportunity to every citizen of Delhi to get nominated to the Rajya Sabha. It was even available to us all. But there was a catch! Everyone missed the bus as we failed in one task.

A little background is necessary to understand this interesting opportunity that was drowned by the common man, without a second thought. The 3rd of January 2018 brought a lot of discontentment among AAP supporters, well wishers (which included a plethora of journalists, who have been the messengers of the good governance which the AAP promised), and expelled founding members. This includes Mayank Gandhi, Kapil Mishra and Yogendra Yadav, they appeared too disappointed to say the least.

Yogendra Yadav was lamenting on twitter in the past that he never considered Kejriwal corrupt. But now he is at a loss of words. He should be actually feeling disappointed as his two latest predictions have come a cropper. One about Kejriwal’s integrity and the other regarding the result of the just concluded Gujarat polls. He had predicted a massive loss for BJP in Gujarat.

One man who was artistic in his expression, upon hearing the news that he too missed the bus to Rajya Sabha, was Kumar Vishwas. And in all probability, he seems to be next in line to join the elite list of AAP founding members to be expelled from the party. It is only a matter of time before that becomes a reality, it is a question of when rather than why.

On Wednesday, Vishwas recited unforgettable, painful poetry, in a joyous tenor. It was in the praise of fellow corruption crusader and the man who dashed his hopes of making it to the Rajya Sabha – Arvind Kejriwal. After all, Vishwas was tipped to be the other guaranteed personality to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha, apart from Sanjay Singh. Singh has been a yes man for Kejriwal for years. He came as an obvious choice to enter the upper house.

The people at the core of this discontentment and emotional outburst of AAP members are two unknown or little known Guptas. These two had no organizational role in establishing AAP. One is an educationalist and the other is a CA, who was instrumental in explaining the nitty gritties of GST to Kejriwal.

rajya sabha nominees --AAP

The educationist Gupta even boosted on TV that he normally gives away 50 crores as donation every year. That was a generic statement, made in the spur of the moment. It has no connection or bearing to hold our honest Sirjee accountable. People who are jumping the guns to blame that Kejriwal accepted 50 crores in return for a seat should actually take a backseat.

When the Magenta Metro line was recently inaugurated by PM Modi, a fresh controversy erupted. Kejriwal was sidelined for the inauguration and his counterpart Yogi Adityanath was invited. A huge hue and cry followed and the AAP came up with an interesting campaign which motivated people, who were angry, to donate to the party. This was a means of filling the party coffers.  Even a donation of 100 was considered praiseworthy. Many people actively participated and this is where I feel the two Guptajis performed better than others. They were seething with so much anger that they might have donated the maximum amount possible and registered their protest against this unpardonable act of PM Modi. And receiving donation is never a means of corruption.

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donate if angry

All those, who feel disappointed and appalled at the nomination of the two renowned Guptajis to the upper house, should introspect and check their own accounts. ‘Have I donated enough?’ They should actually be asking.