Why Did Self Declared Mr. Clean Lose Control? A Must Read Brilliant Analysis on All What Happened Today

Why Did Self Declared Mr. Clean Lose Control? A Must Read Brilliant Analysis on All What Happened Today

The usual routine of the chilly morning of the 15th December was disturbed by the news of raids by the Central Bureau of Investigation on the office of the Principal Secretary of the Chief Minister of Delhi- the self styled and self-certified Mr. “Clean & honest”.

But the most amusing and bewildering part of the story lies ahead. Soon after the raids, Mr. Kejriwal cried foul play and blamed the Central Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for misusing the CBI.

But the language of the attack by Kejriwal is something to take note of. He directly blamed Modi and called the Prime Minister a COWARD AND PSYCHOPATH. Use of such a language by a person holding constitutional post and that too regarding another person way above his stature, higher in seniority and importantly the nation’s Prime Minister is to say the least, highly condemnable and objectionable.

This was followed by a serious of attacks on Mr.Kejriwal  but slender response even from his hard core supporters(something to be highlighted). Those who supported him were none other than his close associates in the media who doubted what the CBI said in its official notification.

This issue of raids raises many pertinent questions. Why was he rattled when even his own office was not raided? What was so frightening about just a formal CBI procedure? What makes a person, who has declared himself clean and honest and issues certificates of honesty to others, lose control of language and use such denigrating language? Why have some sections of the Media come out in open support of the Delhi CM?

Just to recollect, the official position of the Delhi CM way back in 2012, he had said that “if the CBI announces on the front page of a newspaper that it will raid a person then will it be successful”. However, today statements of MR. Kejriwal himself and some of the senior AAP member like Ashutosh go against their very own philosophy of CBI functioning. Mr. Ashutosh has said that the CBI should have sought permission from the Delhi CM to conduct the raid- a laughable proposition indeed. Moreover the Aam Aadmi Party’s official webpage says the “CBI can investigate corruption cases without waiting for the consent from the government”. Then why such a hullaballoo over nothing? This is how the AAP thought CBI should work and it is actually working that way then where does the rationale for such an outcry lie?

Secondly, if the AAP government’s own Lokpal act passed in the Delhi assembly can investigate Prime Minister for charges of corruption, then how can the Delhi CM run away from similar responsibility?

Moreover, in present case the office of the Principal secretary has been raided. He was a good friend of Mr.kejriwal and specially handpicked for the post. The present case goes something like this- (Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/delhi/who-is-delhi-principal-secretary-rajendra-kumar_1834621.html)

Ashish Joshi, former member-secretary of the Delhi Dialogue Commission, had asked the Lt Governor-appointed ACB Chief Meena to probe the role of Kumar when he was with departments of education, IT and Health of Delhi government.

-In his complaint to Meena, Joshi had alleged that Kumar, as director of Education (from May, 2002 to February, 2005) and later Secretary (IT), Secretary (Health) and Commissioner (VAT), had allegedly set up various companies to award work orders of departments without tenders which caused “financial loss” to the city’s government.

-Rajender Kumar formed a company viz Endeavors Systems Private Ltd along with some persons. In 2007, he became secretary (IT) in Govt of NCT of Delhi. During this period, he got this company empanelled with Public Sector Unit (PSU) viz ICSIL, ICSIL is an IT PSU and being a PSU can do work for departments without tenders, Joshi alleged in his complaint.


If this has been the case then, it raises substantial question of propriety on the office of the Chief Minister also as the irregularities date back to 2005. This in a way explains the following –

  • Why for so long time Mr. Kejriwal has been demanding the control of Delhi Police?
  • And, secondly why he was so upset with today’s raids and went to extent of calling the PM a ‘psychopath’.

This implies the masquerader of probity may be having something to hide.

Also the recent praises heaped by the AAP leaders like Manish Sisodia on the working of the CBI fall flat as today almost all of them see the CBI as a big Liar. So much for the cause of transparency and sincerity.

What is even more intriguing is the support from journos like Barkha Dutt who tweeted questioning the CBI and found nothing wrong with the conduct of Principal Secretary and the kind of language used by Mr.Kejriwal. Does it point to any kind of tacit understanding between them? We leave this for you to ponder upon.

Before we sign off, a few things to think about. A leader is someone who does not lose his cool when grave challenges await him. For instance, take the case of harassment of Mr.Modi, when he was Gujarat Chief Minister, by the CBI when Congress-led UPA was in power at centre. He has not uttered a single word on such misuse.

Contrast this with the tall claims of honesty and transparency by Mr.Kejriwal. A small raid has angered him to the extent of calling the Prime Minister a coward!!! Then why fake such honesty in the first place.

The answer to faking-honesty may lie in the ambitions of Mr.Kejriwal which unfortunately for him and luckily for the country (yes,luckily as at the right time his true face got exposed) got recorded in the following conversation which can be accessed here http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/aap-kejriwal-explosive-conversation-congress-audio-tape-sting/1/423302.html.

(No one else would curse technology today than Mr. Kejriwal)

We would delve more into that later, but for now the question of CBI functioning has been quite thoroughly addressed be the CBI chief himself in the following statement in which he asserted that during his tenure no political leader had called him seeking any favour. (http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/cbi-not-a-political-tool-anil-sinha/articleshow/50137764.cms)

So now everything boils down to two things-

  • CBI is functioning independently
  • Kejriwal is highly upset over the raids for some “unknown” reasons.

More on that in the coming days. Till then lets enjoy the drama the AAP supporters would try to create by playing the victim card.

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