Why do these Journalists hate Hindu symbols?

Actor Swara Bhaskar called director Sanjay Leela Bhansali out for the glorification of sati and jauhar in his film, Padmaavat, in an open letter published in The Wire, she concluded by suggesting that Padmaavat reduces women to ‘talking vaginas’.

Recently, Mitali Saran, a Journalist who writes columns for NDTV has found a symbol of vagina where one would least expect it to be discovered. She was able to discover Vagina in what can be referred to as a sacred symbol of Hinduism. Mitali Saran referred to the sacred symbol of ‘Namam’, which is proudly worn by Hindu sect Vaishnavism to represent the fact that they devotees of Vishnu, as a VAGINA.

She further went on to suggest that, “It’s the first thing I saw!”. Clearly there seems to be a trend among certain women activists and authors to include vagina in each and every subject of their discussion.

An important point to be noted is, Mitali Saran is amongst the many Congress sympathiser, who is desperately hoping to find change in Rahul Gandhi at the age of 40, in-spite of the fact that he had lost most of the election campaigns that was spearheaded by him.

Not only was this insensitive tweet considered hilarious by few, but the Founder of ‘The Print’, Shekhar Gupta, found this tweet to be ‘Excellent’.

It doesn’t even make sense as to why Shekhar Gupta would find this particular comment by Mitali to be ‘Excellent’.

In what seems to be an embarrassing explanation for this intensive tweet as pointed out by twitter handle Ashish (@infinitchy), Mitali seems to have confessed the fact that in order to insult Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah, one should insult Hindus and their symbols.

Is it a mandatory fact that one should insult Hindus and their symbols just to insult BJP leaders? Or is this a ploy by a certain section of Indian Journalists who sympathise with Congress party to vent their anger against the majority of India? Clearly passing lewd remarks over the Hindu majority has become a trend by few journalists in twitter.

Ironically, on several occasions, it is the same journalists who pass derogatory remarks on Hindus, who preach ideas of decency and decorum in Social Media platforms.