Why do you need to do such communal activism in Facebook?

Stirring a Hornet’s nest again – Resmi R Nair of ‘Kiss of Love’ fame, who was arrested along with her husband Rahul Pasupalan by Crime Branch of Kerala Police for their alleged involvement in a sex racket, has complained to taxi aggregator Uber. She has reprimanded Uber in a facebook post for sporting the ‘Hanuman Tag’ – as she says that it is a ‘security concern’ for her and her female colleagues who travel in Uber cabs having symbol of revered Hindu God Lord Hanuman.

Who is Reshmi R Nair?

Rahul Pasupalan and Reshmi R Nair, main campaigners of Kiss of Love (KoL), currently out on bail, after being arrested for allegedly running a sex racket. Maligning Hindu Gods, creating a sense of insecurity by depicting Hindus and Hindu organisations in poor light and playing victim card seems to be the ‘Modus Operandi’ of these activists who masquerade as supporters of leftists and their pseudo-intellectual brigade.

Rape Terrorism?

There seems to be many a slip between the cup and the lip on the statements made by Reshmi R Nair who says, “She is not willing to provide my money to feed rapists or to promote rape terrorism”.

Such disparaging remarks, vicious outpourings, verbal diarrhoea, slanderous campaign, carving out a cock and bull story by defaming Hindu Gods deserve the harshest condemnation. Such people who malign and defame Indian culture by such insinuatory allegations should not be called activists.

To garner their share of incentives and stardom, they resort to creating fake activism through KoL (Kiss of Love) campaigns that hardly had any social significance.

It is a known fact that Hinduism believes in co-existing and one of the most peaceful religion embraced by all. Igniting communal flames by such inflammatory posts with no substance is the need of the hour for such activists in-order to create an unwarranted atmosphere in Social Media. Flaring up communal tensions and creating law and order issues; and then playing victim card on the Government and law enforcement agencies is the game plan of such operators.

Making a mountain out of Molehill through canny sensationalism and thereby completely breaking the communal harmony despite being natives of the same country and enjoying the benefits as other Indians do in the country.
An immediate legal action should be taken for making such offensive remarks and hurting the feelings of the Hindu community. It is evident of the kind of activism these so called activists do and create a ‘phobia’ through their antics, which now seem to be completely exposed.