Why Feminism 2.0 is not at all Benign, but is more focused towards Dominance than that of Equality

Of the perpetual crimes by women, men continue to suffer of their false accusations. A 56 year old man was pushed in front of a running train by a woman because he accidentally bumped into her. The man clarified that it was unintentional and apologised, but the contending rage of a feminist led to a horrific incident in suburban Mulund station in Mumbai.

This incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the platform, the man was identified as Deepak Patwa. Despite of victim’s clarification and apology the duo (The woman & another man) pushed him onto the railway tracks where he came under the wheels of an incoming local train.

We don’t learn lessons from the past. Facts, equality, justice are parallel to virtue signalling. You literally can’t get justice if you victimized a particular person/gender without hearing both the sides. Truth these days has been trivialized because people don’t want to hear the truth, but they want an echo of their own opinions. Such ignorance is much more insidious than someone could ever imagine. It leads to frightful perceptions, which ultimately results in such crimes. What the victim’s family must be going through? Think of a wife/son who saw her/his husband/dad leaving his house of his daily routine and never returned?

After this incident got viral on social media a man name Vikram Bhansole commented on one of the posts claiming that the victim was innocent. He stated, “I knew this gentleman. Use to live in building behind us. Very sober and soft spoken. The culprit must be caught and given severe punishment.”

Moreover, 50%+ rape cases reported are fake, married men are more likely to commit suicide because of false allegations. According to the NCRB report as per 2015, it seems that in the year 2015, men in India were the weaker sex. In other words, more husbands committed suicide than wives.

Statistics reveal that in the year 2015, nearly 64,534 married men committed suicide in India, while the number of married women who committed suicide was less than half, 28,344. And yet the false propaganda continues to dominate us, leaving the truth far behind which leads us to an ignorant perception that all men are harassers and oppressors.

The reason why I consider it as a false propaganda, is my observation on social media, how the lies were backed by celebs and there was a tremendous outrage for every single lie. A few months back some feminists from LSR college claimed that a semen filled balloon was thrown at them, but the Forensic lab reports speaks otherwise. Also, during Zaira Wasim case, the allegations were proved to be wrong as the witness gave his statement, but despite that, the damage was already done to the victim and his family as the protest was backed by Bollywood celebs with their filthy place cards. Recently Twitter had observed a trending hashtag #AllMenAreTrash and trust me majority of them manifested hate speech.

I do believe that fighting for equality is must and prominent, but it shouldn’t be a tendentious echo for trying to put men down in today’s society or else your movement will lose the credibility because it only proves the impotence of your side!