Is Barkha Dutt trying to incite religious violence over the Kathua rape case?

What happened with eight year old Asifa in the Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir has shook the very foundations upon which our great Nation is built. The incident has forced us all to look at the mirror and ask tough questions about ourselves. Rape is the most disgusting crime one can commit and criminal deserves nothing but death penalty. It is heartening to see the outrage from various corners of the country for a crime that has taken place in far away Jammu and Kashmir.

But admist this outrage there’s also a few reason of concern, because some selective people are trying to use this most disgusting incident as a tool to push their regressive agenda forward. My concern is about the religious color that is intentionally being given to this cold-hearted crime by a section of journalists.

Instead of putting emphasis on the very heinous nature of the crime and how our society is still surrounded by jackals in human flesh, a certain section of journalists are putting emphasis on the religions of accused and victim. I’m concerned about how the editors of Indian media have made it a habit to review crime reports through the prism of religion and caste before deciding how much importance would be given to the story.

A group of journalists are trying to make the nation believe that growing Hindu pride or Hindu nationalism is the main cause behind the crime. Just like they made half of the nation believe that the suicide of Hyderabad University student, Rohith Vemulla was homicide, which it certainly wasn’t. They also made us believe that people believing in a certain political ideology were behind what happened with Rohith, even though he himself had not blamed anyone for his fate.

At a time when all the responsible citizens of this country should come together and think about a full-stop can be put on the rapes, a section of journalists are busy stressing on the fact that the accused belong to Hindu religion while the victim belonged to the Muslim religion.

Last month a minor Hindu girl from Assam was raped by a gang of people belonging to the other religion, but back then none of our great journalist linked it with global Islamism. The so called great journalists of India didn’t even bother to write about that incident. There have been countless rapes in this country in which the culprits or accused were Muslims and victims were Hindus. Then why this particular incident is being given a religious and political color? Who is to be benefited by doing so?

A crime has to be looked upon as a crime alone. The culprits in such rape cases, if proven guilty should be handed out the most severe punishment possible without considering religion, caste, creed, tribe, gender and age.

Are some journalists linking an out and out rape case with Hindu nationalism, only because they believe that doing so would hurt or affect a political party they don’t like? Are they trying to bake political cakes over the dead body of an eight year old?

What many of these journalists are not understanding is that giving such a religious angle to a rape case could flare up a series of communal violence in Jammu and Kashmir. And if that happens then remaining Hindus would be wiped out completely from the valley or even worse from the entire state.

I recently came across an article about the same subject from veteran journalist Barkha Dutt. Leaving aside the content, the very heading of the article that was “Hindu ‘nationalists’ defend accused rapists and shame India” felt objectionable to me.

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Posted by Barkha Dutt on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Does from such an heading she mean to say that all the people in India who believe in the ideology of Hindu Nationalism are rapist defenders? Does she mean to say our President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee are rapist defenders and thinkers like Deen Dayal Upadhyay and Dattopant Thengadi were also the same? Does she also mean to say that all the activists of Hindu nationalist organization RSS, who tirelessly help people during disasters irrespective of religion are also rapist defenders? If that is so then it is utterly shameful from her part.

Let us all come together to protest against every rape, every molestation and every murder with the same tone and intensity irrespective of religion, caste, language, and gender. Let us all make India a crime-free nation. Let us all bring the golden age of India back, that many would refer to as the Ram Rajya.