Why is ICC account re-tweeting Anti-Modi tweets?

As the Asaram Bapu verdict came out, the Anti-Hindu Congress as expected went on a Social media outburst against PM Modi, by posting old videos & photos of him being with Asaram Bapu. Some Twitter users also pointed out the hypocrisy in Congress, and tweeted the photographs were congress leaders were seen with the saint.

With the photo-war continuing, the self proclaimed “fake news” buster website Alt News’ owner Pratik Sinha tweeted the following video :-

Now, guess who quoted and tweeted the above tweet? The official account of ICC (International Cricket Council). The ICC tweeted the above quotes with the words “Narayan, Narayan”. What aspirations would an International Sporting Body have to do with Indian Politics? What is the link between Congress, Divya Spandana, Pratik Sinha with ICC? Do they also run the official handle of ICC? Or did they message the ICC official handle to tweet this to defame PM Narendra Modi on a global scale?

These were the questions running on every Twitter user’s mind. The person who ran the official Twitter handle was then found by one user.


Sami-ul-Hassan’s Twitter bio reads :  “ICC’s Head of Media and Communications. Ex-print and electronic journalist & former GM – Media, PCB.”

Some conspiracy theories started emerging on Twitter :

A twitter handle, who’s official communication head is a Pakistani, tweeting Pratik Sinha’s tweet which is Anti-Modi. Can you connect the dots now? With 2019 elections nearing, have Congress in their desperation to power gone overboard and have made it a point to defame PM Modi on a global front?

ICC has released a statement on the deleted tweet saying, “ICC is dismayed at a non-cricket related tweet appearing on its Twitter feed earlier today. We would like to extend our sincere apologies to anyone who was offended during the short space of time it was up. We have launched an investigation into how this happened.”

Whatever be the case, an International Sporting Body should have no political standing, especially with the intent of defaming an Indian leader through its official verified handle. The person responsible for tweet and the Head Sami ul Hasan, under who’s lookout this happened should be answerable for this tweet. As well, ICC must conduct a through investigation for the massive blunder their communications team has done!