Why justice for Kathua rape victim wasn’t really about justice

Everyone is apprised of the horrific rape case in Kathua, which was of course a blot to mankind. The incident sparked many controversies and whataboutery when came into limelight. Within no time the case was highly politicised and was made communal, many people from Jammu told the media that Hindus and Muslims here live peacefully & the story has been fabricated for creating communal tensions.

Many people came to protest and demanded CBI’s probe, as one of the inspector Irfan wani himself was accused of rape and murder, later acquitted, two protesters were from BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). The sole reason for demanding the CBI’s probe was a doubt about the credibility of SIT for two reasons, the State Government didn’t take enough Jammu officers to investigate, but called a Kashmir officer who was in jail for a year and got acquitted later.

Also, previously during Shopian rape case, the medical reports were doctored and two Army Jawans were falsely accused, as per a report from AIIMS. The President of J&K high court bar association, B S Salathia and few lawyers protested to withdraw an order issued by the tribal affairs ministry of Jammu and Kashmir, which states that no action can be taken against tribals unless it is approved by the tribal minister. Secondly, the police has stopped checking the Bovine vehicles which have motivated the bovine smuggling. Thirdly, in case of Kathua the case was highly communalized and facts were ignored and hence they wanted CBI to handle the case. This protest was presented in the media to slur the motive and accuse them for defending the accused.

A minor Hindu girl from Kolkata is allegedly in captive in Metiaburuz since last June 2017. Though the police are aware the location of the girl, out of fear of entering in “sensitive” area the force has not even raided the location. The helpless father of the girl has been compelled to move to Calcutta High Court after which the court has expressed high concern and ordered for immediate action.

Kolkata minor girl missing for the last ten months, Father cries for help. Kolkata Police Rubbishes Claim..

As per Sangbad Pratidin report, Vinod Das is a staff of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Korban Ali and his son Mintu Sheikh abducted Vinod Das’s her minor daughter on 9th June 2017. He has complained that West Bengal police has refused to raid the place to recover the girl citing law & order concerns in a ‘sensitive’ area. The case wasn’t highlighted in the media due to the political pressure.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has once filed a FIR against a Zee TV journalist for reporting a riot. Few local media have highlighted this case and within no time Kolkata Police tweeted that “A false rumour being spread on social media about a missing minor girl held captive in a Metiabruz house and police being afraid of raiding house. Don’t believe in rumours being spread to create communal tension. All indulged in spreading rumour wud be severely dealt with.”

So was it really a rumour? Let us look at some facts:-

  • There is a website or a system which is managed by the Judiciary of India. This system is called ‘The Judgements Information System’, in this system you can search any case of India and its status. The authentic link from Judgements Information System is given, it tells about story and order of Calcutta High Court between Vinod Das and State of West Bengal.
  • Here is link of Videos of Father asking justice for his Daughter, see how a Father is begging for his daughter:-

  • Video of Lawyer Uday Jha who is fighting this case:-

So there is a possibility of this minor girl in Kolkata being kidnapped, but why did police hide it? Why the Mainstream Media didn’t report it with the same intensity?

Well the answer is appeasement politics and the mainstream media have been too much involved in the left-right politics rather than reporting the truth. The hegemony of Left media has to end, so that justice isn’t served by looking at the victim’s religion or community. Justice for Kathua rape victim wasn’t really about the justice, but she was indeed the victim of left politics.