Why Kanhaiya is not a youth icon – Excellent article by Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri

Source : readoo

I heard Kanhaiya’s speech and it took me back to my college days when student politics wasn’t as sophisticated and oiled. When mediamen & women had not become brokers. It wasn’t limited to ideological confrontation but also involved desi katta, swords, gupties, hockey sticks, crude bombs and Rampuriya chakoos. In the midst of all this there were speeches and sloganeering by students leaders and their mentors from either Congress, ABVP or Leftist parties. Those speeches were mostly about how to make university a better place for students. Only leaders from Leftist parties used to gives speeches which were about an utopian social engineering and freedom from the state. Listening to Kanhaiya, I felt as if I was listening to a pop-version of speeches I heard many decades ago. Barring Kanhaiya’s personal mannerisms and dialect it was straight out of a communist template.

It appears that Communists have a ‘speech template’ and all their leaders are given training in speaking the same way. The strategy is simple: take an unattainable, high moral ground, raise the concerns over all evils of the society but never present a plan to eradicate these evils. In any society there are always some people who are perpetually dissatisfied with everything. To an extent that even if you give them Azadi, they will find problems in that also. From my student days until Kanhaiya, they have been fooling people without giving any solutions. Ask Kanhaiya how will he get us Azadi from poverty and Manuvaad and Brahmanism and I am sure he will shift the goalpost. This is why I do not subscribe to Communism.

I won’t go into details of Kanhaiya’s speech as it’s a function of his political agenda but I’d request him not to mention Manu Smriti without studying and understanding it. Manu Smriti doesn’t speak of caste system. It talks of Varnas. Var means choice. One choses to be Brahmin and Shudra as per his knowledge, wisdom and deeds. Manu Smriti allows people to change their Varna, which means a Shudra can become Brahmin and vice versa. Also, its time communists stop using Manu Smriti to exploit uneducated, poor people.  Their strategy is to use innocent people to further their agenda and which is why I do not agree with Communists.

I’d also advise him and his supporters not to talk of freedom of speech as JNU is the last place where dissent and FoE is practised. People with ‘If you aren’t anti-state, you are an enemy’ kind of attitude must not give us sermons on FoE. FoE is part of Indian’s native intelligence.  By native I mean Hindus like Kanhaiya and me. It’s native Hindu civilisation’s strength and openness that Muslims and Christians are accepted in mainstream culture. Dear Kanhaiya, if you chose to blame one hard working chaiwala for all the evils, just because he represents Hindu aspirations, it shows your lack of understanding. It shows you have thoughts but your mind is not Azad (free). To understand what I am saying you may have to consult Manu Smriti.