Why did Kunal Kamra delete his twitter account?

Kunal Kamra made news today for suddenly deleting his twitter account. For those who haven’t heard about him, he can best be described as a fleshy farrago, whose futile efforts at humor are actually an insult to his own private parts. For, his thinking mostly revolves around his pelvic region. This region is the epicenter of his crass jokes on communities, politicians and females. Thus, we don’t blame his fully developed brain in any way for his immature acts. A tweet posted two years ago, is actually being blamed for his sudden disappearance from twitter. But we maintain that it is only a presumption, even we don’t know the exact reason for his vanishing act.

A hyperactive tweeple seems to have retweeted Kunal’s old tweet and that has allegedly  evoked angry responses from the offended persons. We don’t confirm this either. It may also have happened that this man randomly started reading his own tweets and felt so disgusted that he puked on the deactivate your account tab of his twitter account. Or that he laughed out excitedly at his jokes, inducing greater testosterone levels (remember the epicenter?). The hormonal tsunami that followed abruptly washed away all his tweets. We can only make guesses!

Let us reproduce some of his tweets here.













His crass jokes frequently ridiculed Modi, Arnab, Ambani, RSS, VHP, Females, Hindus and Sikhs in general. Turban is a matter of pride for Sikhs. It symbolizes their community. Like how Janeu, Saffron Robes and Mangalsutra are sacred in Hinduism. This guy constantly attacked saffron color. He doesnt even know the difference between orange and saffron for that matter. It’s strange to see how a bigoted mind can develop utter hatred towards a particular color. And then attack our supreme court with that color, as if it were not a color but a weapon of mass destruction. A shoddy joke aimed at portraying the government in bad light! Recently, Haj house in UP was painted saffron and today we get to hear that the UP government has actually suspended the official who was responsible for this act. This shows the sensitivity of the BJP towards the minorities. So, the reality is in sharp contrast to Kunal’s below the belt humour tweeted in the name of secularism and freedom of expression. Sometimes your foolishness can become your biggest enemy. So we must exercise restraint.

The responses he received to his earlier tweets, then boosted his morale so much that he slowly expanded his realm of jokes, keeping in spirit with his unflinching secular nature. His inclination to include the marginalized sections of the society, and provide them healthy humor landed him at the doorstep of Muslims. Then this self-proclaimed joker did the unthinkable. He tweeted an utterly shameful and condemnable tweet about the community. It is reproduced below:

What was he trying to convey? Why single out one particular community in such despicable way? PM Modi is trying his best to bring the females in the Muslim community into the mainstream and become their voice, by ending the rampant instant triple talaq. And here is a man busy creating sexist jokes on the females of the community. The new breed of stand up comedians, who identify with his brand of humour are proficient in English. That is their only USP. In their desperation to crack jokes, they forget to draw a line. And that line unexpectedly mutates into an arrow, and pierces into their bum when they expect it the least.

The below image is of Kunal Kamra during his happier times. Though we couldn’t track him for answers, we present to you something fascinating here. He is probably sipping orange juice in that cup and thus the jubilation. He appears to be happy to finish off something that he hates- the orange/saffron color.


source: Google images

This picture shifted our focus to the other bespectacled individual accompanying Kunal. He refused to do a press conference in Chennai today. Jignesh Mevani was uncomfortable at the sight of a mike belonging to THE REPUBLIC TV and demanded that the journalist belonging to that channel remove the mic and exit the hall. Fellow journalists showed solidarity and told him bluntly that they don’t need his press conference and asked him to go. This man likes dark humour. In a recent TV interview he ended up insulting PM Modi with his comedy. The anchor was giving a constipated look when he was cracking the jokes.

As far as the lady in the picture is concerned, she looks so confident and determined. Shehla Rashid is that cool young JNU student, who supports the Bharat tere tukde honge gang. She hangs out with male friends without feeling the need to cover herself with burqa like the majority of females in her community. Kudos to this young girl! This is what PM Modi is aiming to achieve – An India free of all conservative religious beliefs, where women can breathe free and interact openly with their male counterparts without any hesitation.

When PM Modi criminalized instant triple talaq, she tweeted a humorous one liner – ‘divorce, divorce, divorce :)’. How cool! This is true women empowerment. Hope Kunal learns a bit of humour from his best friend. A brand of humour which is difficult to understand and thus is harmless.