19 Instances that Prove Why Sushma Swaraj Is The Most “Helpful” External Affairs Minister

19 Instances that Prove Why Sushma Swaraj Is The Most ‘Helpful' External Affairs Minister

After the BJP-Led Narendra Modi government came into power in India, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was hailed as the ‘Hilary Clinton’ of the NDA government. A nationwide TV-C Voter opinion poll said that Swaraj is the best Union minister in terms of performance.

The External Affairs Minister has been winning hearts since the time she took over, by helping many Indians in times of Distress And Vain.

1- 21 Feb 2015: This Is When She Got The SOS Video About The Indian Held Hostage And Life Was At Stake In Basra Located On The Shatt al-Arab river in southern Iraq between Kuwait and Iran.

21022015 basra

2- March 2015: She also helped a man recover his passport and advance money from his company abroad.


31032015 anil

3- 03 April 2015: A woman in Yemen tweeted out a picture of her baby, asking Swaraj to help her with evacuation.

03042015 sabah


4- 04 May 2015: When an Indian girl lost her money and passport in Germany, Swaraj was the savior.

04052015 agratha

5- 13 May 2015: She helped an Indian who was stuck in a conflict zone in the Saudi Arabian city of Najran. His employer didn’t return his passport, so the minister took the matter in her hands.

13052015 atul

6- 28 May 2015: The time she helped a lady who’s mother met with an accident while on a vacation in Bali and the hospital refused to accept Indian insurance.

28052015 meera

7- 29 May 2015: When Neha Agarwal Parikh, an analyst with a credit rating agency, tweeted a request at Swaraj to get her parents out of Turkey, the minister immediately helped. Parish’s senior ‘citizen parents’ were stuck at Istanbul for a day as her mother had misplaced her passport while returning home from their trip to Europe.

29052015 neha

8- 18 June 2015: A Father Living In India Got To Know Her Father That her daughter is facing some problems In US so he contacted Sushma Swaraj For Help and She asked the father to tell her daughter to meet her personally in US as She Was going to New york for International Yoga Day.

18072015 virendra

9- 19 June 2015: A Guys Sister Got Stuck In Cape Town Because Of Birth Certificate And within few hours the problem was resolved and she flew from Airport.

19072015 montyy

10- 30 June 2015: A Hussaini Family From Bengaluru Was In Mecca For Pilgrim Where The Whole Family Met With An Accident In Which 4 People lost there lives And They were Buried In Saudi But Blessing few were saved and there were taken to hospital and there lives were saved and they returned to India. Time to Time Monitoring Was Done From Indian Embassy In UAE.

30062015 ajay

11- 04 July 2015: 2 Indians From UK Who Were In Spain For For Some Work Were Robbed In Which The Lost There Documents and Passport Due To Which They Were Not Able To Return To UK. So The Guys Who Were Struck In Spain Contacted his indian friend who Informed Sushma Swaraj And Later on in 2days They Got All The Necessary Doucments To Travel Back To UK. Usually It Takes 2 to 4weeks To Get Passport Back.

04072015 avinash

12- 08 July 2015: In Budapest Few Indians Were Forcefully Detained By Police And Later On a Friend living in india she contacted Swaraj so it. And Later On Around 12 People Were Released From Police Station After Indian Embassy Officials In Hungary Intervened.

13- 18 July 2015: Neetu Chandra-A Well Known Producer of Indian Films Tweeted For Help Of Prof. Sanjiv Dhari belongs to Bihar Who is 85 years old Residing In Libya Was Struggling To Come Back To India but Was Not Able To So Sushma Swaraj Rescued the professor and he was evacuated.

18072015 neetu

14- 20 July 2015: Anil kalaga Was on a visit to Newyork Where His passport and other doucments were stolen and in 2/3 days he got his passport and he returned to India.

20062015 anilkalaga

15- Now This Is About None Other Than Geeta Who Returned India Today Who Was Staying In Pakistan more than Decade. This Was The Starting Of Geeta’s Returning To India.

02082015 ansar

16- 07 August 2015: Sushma Swaraj Got To Know About Sushil A Man Detained In Iran Jail So She Gathered All Infos And Sushil Along With More 8 Indians Were Saved And Brought Back To India.

07102015 sushil

17- 09 August 2015: A Mother Suddenly Fall Ill In Dubai At Airport So The Officials Didnt Let Her Board The Flight So This Was Informed To Sushma Swaraj Which Got Resolved As The MEA Person Contacted Manvendra Chaudhari The Son.

09082015 rishab


18- 21 August 2015: Dev Tamboli Contacted Sushma Swaraj To Help Her Sister Who Went Out For Job In UAE and Was Locked On By The Persons For Whom She Went To Work With. next day the girl was rescued after getting all infos and was saved and was shifted to Shelter Home In Dubai Under Indian Embassy.  
21082015 dev

19- 21 October 2015: Times Of Oman Reported About A Pakistani Girl Who Needed Immediate operation and Times of Oman asked Sushma Swaraj to intervene so she issued a visa for the girl’s surgery and wished her speedy recovery
21102015 paki

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