Will ‘The Hindu’ apologize to Mumbai man for fake story?

What happens when you try and report news as per how your bosses have instructed you to do so? You will create a biased news feed, misconstrue information and finally present a report that contradicts the truth. The Elphinstone Stampede is one such topic that has been taken by several journalists, not the only intention of defaming the Maharashtra State Government run by Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP) but also to defame humanity.

While we at SatyaVijayi have reported the incident as it had happened along with the real reasons that could have attributed to the cause of the stampede, ‘The Hindu’ published a degrading article on this stampede incident. As per the author, Vedika Chaubey, she claims that during the Elphinstone stampede, a dying woman was molested on bridge by bystander as per her video source.

The Hindu reported, “A woman victim of the stampede, seconds from breathing her last, was molested by a bystander as she lay atop a pile of victims on the foot over-bridge (FOB) on Friday, a video clip shows. The woman, trapped by the bodies, reaches out weakly for help before dropping her hand and breathing her last”.

Check out the below video specifically from 12 to 38 seconds to really understand, what had happened:-


It is clearly seen that the man in White T-Shirt (2nd from Right) is trying to rescue a woman out of a pile of bodies (the woman later reportedly succumbed to her injuries). The so called “journalist” Vedika Chaubey of The Hindu, watched a video of the man from a particular angle and wrote a story about how he was molesting a dying woman and how humanity has died. Well it was sure many blind followers were quick enough to judge without checking the facts and abused the person.

As rightly mentioned by the Facebook page, “IITians Against AAP”, Yes..the humanity died with the woman..not because the man tried to save her..but another woman tried to take advantage out of the situation at the expense of the dead and her savior. Such shameless act of defaming an innocent man qualifies as “journalism” these days.

Will The Hindu and it’s journalist apologize for spreading fake news and mocking people who save life’s during tragedies?

Reference: IITians Against AAP