Will Media Houses and Opportunists apologise for incorrect reporting on Kathua?

The Kathua rape case has taken a yet new shocking turn. New evidence suggests that one of the accused, Vishal Jangotra who has been charged as guilty of raping the 8 year old in Kathua, was actually in Uttar Pradesh when the crime took place.

The charge-sheet filed by the police claims that after kidnapping the girl the juvenile accused informed Vishal about the whole incident through a telephone call and asked Vishal to come to Kathua to satisfy his lust. On 12 January, 2018 Vishal reached the village in Kathua from Meerut at 6:00 AM. He stayed there till 15th of January when the girl was killed and dumped near the temple.

But new CCTV footage show that Vishal was in Muzaffarnagar when the crime took place in Kathua. In one of the footage from 12th of January, the accused can be seen trying to withdraw money from a Corporation Bank ATM in Meerapur, Muzaffarnagar at 3:47 P.M. But, the account balance was too low and Vishal returned empty handed. Later, another footage shows the accused outside another ATM on 15th of January in Meerapur, Muzaffarnagar. This time he withdrew ₹1000 from the ATM. The ATM card used belonged to Vishal’s sister. The mini-statement of the ATM transactions of the card confirms that Vishal did use the card on the two occasions.

Moreover, in an interview with CNN News 18, Vishal’s family members said that they have more evidences to prove that Vishal was not in Kathua when the crime took place.

“We have attendance record to show that Vishal was in Meerut on January 12. There’s footage and some marksheet to prove that. We would also request the media to consider this — was Vishal sitting ready that he immediately left from Meerut and reached Kathua in 12 hours’ time,” said Vishal’s sister Madhu.

Another red flag in the charge sheet filed by the police is the claim that the girl was hidden inside the temple and raped continuously for days. Several village women claimed they visited the temple every day during the week in question while their children played around there, reported Hindustan Times.

Villagers draw attention to the daily routine at the temple while dismissing the charges filed by the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s crime branch. “I can believe anything but the claim that the girl was hidden inside the temple. I visited the temple every morning and evening during that week,” claimed Beena Devi. Also, the temple and its surrounding areas were crowded with people around the time when the crime took place as they were celebrating the festival of Makar Sankranti.

These new revelations have raised serious questions regarding the ongoing police investigation of the case. The family members and the village locals have lost their faith in the police. They are sitting on an indefinite fast until the government orders an unbiased CBI probe in this matter.

When asked about the serious charges that have been framed in the charge sheet against Ram and Vishal, the family said, “The charge sheet was framed after the men were tortured and forced to confess. The juvenile accused told me that their nails were being ripped off and fingers twisted to extract confession,” reports CNN News 18.

The family has also alleged that the juvenile accused was threatened by the police to name his uncle Sanji Ram in the case or else Ram would be killed, fearing which he took Ram’s name.

Now that all these latest developments happening in the last one week, the biggest question that has been posted by several Twitter users is that why are the Mainstream Media houses which failed to perform their basic duty are not apologising for their mistakes. This includes a narrative set by certain Bollywood stars who has falsely implicated a section of the Indian community for the mishaps done by J & K police.

Indian Twitterati have come forward to ask several valid questions to these Journalists, Media Houses and opportunists from Bollywood for not speaking on the Kathua issue after Zee News’s expose.




Rightly as suggested by Twitterati, there seems to be a hidden agenda on how a section of Indian Media and Bollywood are trying to sell this Kathua case onto the viewers of India. To top it all, it has been alleged by Sudhir Chaudhary‏, Editor in Chief of Zee News, that they have been blocked in Kathua and Poonch.

If this is the price paid by Zee News for such courageous reporting, one can wonder how many more vaults are sealed which should actually be opened to solve this Kathua case. It really makes one wonder if this case is about the Kathua victim or something more sinister.