Will the Supreme Court decide how Jesus took birth: Meenakshi Lekhi strongly defends Sabarimala

BJP’s Member of Parliament, Meenakshi Lekhi on Friday came in support of the traditions of Sabarimala shrine, inside the house. In the wake of massive protests and clashes between left and right activists across Kerala, Lekhi said that those trying to violated the shrine’s traditions neither understand Hinduism, nor its rituals.

Before the entire house, she questioned that whether the Supreme Court decide on how Jesus Christ took birth, or which body should be buried or cremated. Further taking on the Supreme Court she asked whether it would rule that the 41 day abstinence marked by Sabarimala devotees be reduced to a smaller time-frame.

The PM also lashed out at the Communist government of Kerala for failing to maintain state’s law and order. She condemned the state government’s high handed action against the Sabarimala devotee.

Lekhi also slammed the government for helping two women of restricted age to infiltrate inside the Sabarimala shrine at early morning, shattering ages old traditions. During the speech she hit home the point that rituals of certain religious groups need to be left alone and negated claims that Sabarimala is a civil rights issue.