Will Trump Declare Pakistan a Terrorist State after Assuming Office?

A bill is pending in the American Congress. It is to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Shalabh Kumar, Trump’s “India man”, has shared this information. Shalabh Kumar, a prominent businessman of Indian origin in the US, is a member of Trump’s advisory council. Kumar has said that this will be “shot in the arm” for Indian mainstream media’s anti terror narrative.

The bill was introduced by 2 influential Congressmen – Ted Poe and Dana Rohrabacher – immediately after the Uri attack in September. Ted Poe is also the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism. The two introduced the proposed “Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act” in the House. Such a bill has never been moved against Pakistan before. It is unprecedented. If the legislation is passed, the US administration will have to provide a report on designation of Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism.

As reported by Economic Times, Shalabh Kumar had said during a telephonic interaction:

President Trump and (Indian) PM Narendra Modi will undoubtedly share a good chemistry. The Indo-US partnership is expected to touch new heights under Trump Presidency. A key step that the new president is expected to take is to give assent to the US Congress bill that has been introduced in the house to declare Pakistan a terror state when the legislation reaches him … The stars have aligned – Modi took the bold step to initiate demonetisation to fight black money and within hours Donald Trump became the 45th President of USA.

With this move, Donald Trump, has fulfilled multiple purposes. Trump had won the election by creating a wave of antiterrorism & American nationalism. Even before being elected, he is now working to make it clear that his stance was not merely an election gimmickry. Trump himself had stated that he is against Pakistan sponsored terror. This will also put a tab on Hillary Clinton’s proxy NGOs working in Pakistan. Further, this will be a good counter to China’s growing influence in Pakistan.

Kumar had said Trump’s transition team is adept with Indian affairs. He further claimed that they are in tough with some senior members of the Indian government. This will be a good sign for India-US relations.
Kumar also stated that there was nothing to worry for India, should the H1B Visa norms be made more stringent. He said that the US economy would grow at the rate of 4-5 % annually under Trump and will thereby boost America’s service sector. “This will increase the demand for Indian IT professionals in America. You will recall positive noises that Trump made about India during his campaign,” He said. Kumar also predicted an increase in Indo-US trade over the next four years. He also hinted that defence ties between the two countries would be strengthened in the years to come.
Kumar, also said that India could see FDI inflows from the US once the recently introduced tax reforms would be materialised.