Will win with or without your support: Maneka Gandhi tells the Muslim community during election campaign

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said that her win from the Sultanpur Lok Sabha constituency is certain “with or without” the support of the Muslims and the community should realise it since they will need to get their work done once BJP is in power.

“You have to recognise that this victory is sure without you and even with you, and you will have to spread the word,” she said while addressing a rally in Sultanpur.

Emphasising that she had distributed Rs 1000 crore for Muslim institutions to flourish, she said: “You came to seek our help at the time of your need. But, if you say during election time that we will not vote for the BJP and instead vote for any other party which can defeat BJP, then it breaks our heart”.

“I have already passed this election. But now if you have to lay the foundation for getting help then this is the right time to do so,” Maneka Gandhi added while indirectly calling upon the Muslim community to vote for her.

Polling in Uttar Pradesh will be held in all seven phases which started on April 11. Counting of votes will be held on May 23.

While Maneka is contesting from Sultanpur, her son Varun Gandhi, is contesting from Pilibhit.