WOAH – This BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh Just Thrashed This Sickular Reporter In Front of Public !!

Sangeet Som, BJP’s first time MLA from Sardhana, Uttar Pradesh has always been targeted. Be it Dadri, Kairana or Muzaffarnagar riots, media and self proclaimed secular Samajwadi Party is up with guns against him.

They also tried implicating him for spreading communal violence in Muzaffarnagar riots and set up an committie against him. They were not able to find any concrete evidence against him and police could not even file a case against Sangeet.

The media anchor here questions him on all these things and answers given by Sangeet are bang on. In one of the questions, he questions Som on his saffron attire. Som says, He is a proud hindu and Saffron is a hindu color. Asks the anchor, whats wrong in wearing Saffron.

Congress rule last many decades and media promoting minority appeasement as so called secularism has made people think that doing something remotely connected to hindu can dent their liberal and secular image where as wearing a skull cap is called as symbol of secularism. Its high time, we reject this false projection.

Here is the full Video


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