WOHA: Vivek Agnihotri Shuts this Maulana Down in Debate giving Proof of Hate Speech in Mosque-VIDEO

Yesterday, Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam tweeted against sound of Azaan esrly in morning and another 5 times a day, which disturbs sleep of many. If you want to do Azaan fine, why do they want to broadcast to whole colony via Loudspeaker.

This created big hue and cry with all self proclaimed messiah’s of liberalism and secularism suddenly found Sonu Nigam to be wrong. If Sonu might have tweeted about noice during Diwali, even PETA would have supported him but not here.

This is what he tweeted

Sonu Nigam Expresses His Anger Towards Morning Azaan On Loudspeakers !!

Immediately by evening, all the news channel debates were filled with this news with people debating on this.

In one of the debates on AAJ TAK, A Mulla was ripped apart with evidence by Director Vivek Agnihotri. Vivek first said that there are some mosques, which instigates violence and support to terrorists. Mulla asked Vivek to apologize or show proof. Vivek had the video right in his cellphone and played it.

Mulla was cornered and became rattled and accused him being from Bollywood and abused work style of Bollywood industry. Vivek rightly called him “Kuwe ka Mendak” and shut him up.

Here is the full video


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