Woman commits suicide after hearing Supreme Court ruling on adultery

According to a story published in Times of India, the recent Supreme Court ruling in regards to adultery has led to a woman committing suicide in Chennai.

A woman in MGR Nagar of Chennai, committed suicide after her husband told her that she couldn’t stop him from having extra-martial relations as it is no longer a crime according to the order of Supreme Court.

According to the police, 24 gear old Pushpalatha, of Bharathi Nagar, Nesapakkam, married 27 year old John Paul Franklin, a watchman by profession, two years ago. The couple had a love marriage despite strong opposition from their families. The couple also had a child, police said.

Franklin began distancing from his wife soon after she fell sick of tuberculosis and did not support her financially.
Apparently upset over this, Pushpalatha conveyed the issue to one of her husband’s friends, who informed her about Franklin’s closeness with another woman.

Pushpalatha’s suspicion became stronger when he started turning up home late in recent days. The woman picked up a fight with him after she came to know about his illicit affair and asked him to part ways with the other woman.

Franklin refused to budge when she threatened to file a police complaint. “He went to the extent of telling her that she cannot book a case against him as the Supreme Court had ruled that extramarital affair was no more a crime,” said an investigating officer.

Disappointed over this, Pushpalatha decided to end her life and hanged herself when she was alone at home on Saturday night. One of the woman’s relatives found her dead and alerted the MGR Nagar police.

The police were questioning Franklin.
As per the Supreme Court order, if adultery leads to a person’s suicide, abetment of suicide charge can be slapped against the spouse responsible for it.