Woman Forced to Sleep With Father-in-law Under Nikah Halala, Faces Death Threats for Speaking Out

Exactly when the Supreme Court is adapting to hear contentions on Nikah Halala, another victim has approached saying she was given ‘Talaq’ different circumstances and was compelled to consummate marriages with a few men. Shabina, who lives in Bareilly, said she got threats that she would be announced an ‘outcast’ and furthermore dangers to her life from “members of her community” after she rebelled against the activity.

Portraying her trial, she said that her husband had first given her instant talaq. From there on, she was compelled to wed her father in-law and consummate the marriage as a component of Nikah Halala as she needed to wed her first spouse again subsequent to getting a separation from her father in-law.

Be that as it may, her trial did not end there. In the wake of wedding her first spouse once more, Shabina was again given ‘Talaq’ and this time she was being compelled to wed her brother-in-law. However, this time, she chose to end all this.

She moved to Nida Khan, who had hitched into the compelling Dargah Aala Hazrat family, and the two went to the media to feature their predicament. Nida Khan had too met an indistinguishable destiny from that of Shabina. She was likewise a victim of triple talaq and has been battling against it for a long while.

Both Nida and Shabina have now held up a case in the nearby police headquarters against five people subsequent to getting killer threat. The two claimed that the nearby clerics have said that “individuals who don’t take after Shariat are consequently viewed as out of the Islam” and the individuals who raise their voice against Shariat will confront “dire consequences”.

SP Abhinandan Singh said that a case has been enrolled. “The requests for examination have been given,” he said.

Bareilly’s Shekhar Imam Mufti Khurshid Alam said individuals opining against Shariat and investigating Halala are doing as such to pick up media consideration.
He said, “A few people are giving explanations against Talaq and Halala just to pick up media consideration. We don’t have to toss anybody out of Islam, individuals who talk against Shariat are consequently viewed as out of Islam.”

The Supreme Court will hear a cluster of petitions testing Nikah Halala and Polygamy from July 20