Woman gang-raped and burnt alive in Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal

In a shocking incident that has sent shudders down the spine of inhabitants of Uttar Pradesh, a 35-year-old lady was purportedly gang raped by five men and later burnt alive in the ‘yagyashala‘ of a Temple close to her home in UP’s Sambhal area.

According to her husband, she had called UP Police’s Dial-100 emergency service minutes before she was scorched alive, however her call went unanswered. No capture had been set aside till the time of reporting this incident. The lady has two youngsters and her husband is a labourer in Ghaziabad.

Police said that the victim was dozing when her assailants jumped into her home and brutalized her. Cops have enrolled a FIR against five men and have booked them for gang-rape and murder.

Her husband in police complaint said, “All the five accused burst into my home finding my wife alone around 2.30 am on Saturday. They all gang-raped her. It was raining intensely and just a lamp was lit in the room around then. After the occurrence, my wife had inform about the entire episode to her cousin since my telephone and her brother’s telephone couldn’t be connected.”

“Prior to my wife’s cousin could intimate the police and other relatives, the accused came back again and hauled my wife out and took her to a close-by temple where they burnt her at the ‘yagyashala’.” he added.

Rajpura station house officer Arun Kumar said that a FIR under IPC’s areas 376D (gang-rape), 302 (murder), 201 (causing vanishing of confirmation of offense), 147 (discipline for revolting), 148 (revolting, furnished with savage weapon) and 149 (each individual from unlawful gathering liable of offense submitted in indictment of regular question) has been held up against all five denounced who were recognized as Aram Singh, Mahaveer, Charan Singh, Gullu and Kumarpal. They hail from a similar town and had been disturbing the lady for a couple of months.

Circle officer Aqil Ahmed has said, “Two groups, surveillance and crime, have been entrusted to capture the blamed who are on the loose. We are directing raids at their whereabouts.”

Additional director general of police Prem Prakash revealed to TOI that they had gathered some critical confirmation from the crime scene. “We have anchored the sound clip of the last call made by the lady to her cousin on his mobile number in which she said the names of the five denounced who had jumped into her home and assaulted her.

This is without a doubt exceptionally pivotal proof for us. In the wake of submitted FIR against the blamed, two groups have been entrusted to catch them. We are near capturing them,” the ADG added.