Women plays Minority Religion Victim Card on twitter; Is a Modi Hater – Gets Trolled

When Visa, Mastercard or Rupay card does not work, the only one which will work is Victim card. Its not new that many play minority victim card on various social media platform to gain sympathy and get some name and fame. Often end up exposed badly.

Here is another recent example of a Muslim Women, who calls herself wife of an Army Officer playing Muslim Minority Victim card on twitter. If you closely follow and browse through her twitter handle, her hypocrisy and hate against elected pro development government is clearly seen and probably the reason to gain fame and sympathy by playing religion based victim card as well.

Ambreen Zaidi who claims to be Army officer’s wife, has claimed that she faced a huge problem in renting a house in Delhi because she is a Muslim.

Here are some of her tweets

Immediately, this was taken up by Secular Presstitutes into main stream media like it was a been well planned and coordinated effort.

One obvious question is: If she has really faced it and being educated and claiming to be an Army Officer’s wife, why did she not approach police and file an FIR against house owner instead of playing religious muslim victimized card on social media to gain sympathy?

If you closely into her twitter profile, her hate against democratically elected PM Modi and even hate against India is absolutely clear.

Calling India an Ungrateful Nation

Cries foul on Degree of PM even after Delhi university has verified its genuineness.Calls him farzi.

Clearly a Digvijay Singh and Congress Supporter

Lets see how Tweeples have trolled her




This is not the first time, where a Muslim women tries to play religion based victim card like denied flat or home. Misbah Qadri who was a Media Journalist did the same in Mumbai a year back and got badly exposed.

Jasleen kaur from Delhi, an AAP Volunteer, who tried similar publicity stunt by playing Victimized and almost ruined the guys life was also completely exposed.

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