Wonder whether Mr Kejriwal was really an “IIT graduate”: Captain Amrinder Singh

Punjab CM, Captain Amrinder Singh rubbished Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s accusation that stubble burning in Punjab is cause of raising air pollution in Delhi. He further went on to raise doubts over the education credentials of the Delhi CM by saying that he wonders whether Mr Kejriwal was really an “IIT graduate”.

Through a press conference, Kejriwal had alleged that stubble burning in states of Punjab and Haryana is the reason behind Air pollution in Delhi-NCR. To back up his claimed, he had shown some satellite images of the stubble burning. He additionally even accused the Centre of withholding straw management machinery to farmers.

Reiterating that his government worked hard to bring down the pollution to reasonable levels, Kejriwal said that the sudden jump was due to the burning as there were no storms or new vehicles after 25 October.

Rubbishing Kejriwal’s claims, Singh said that Delhi’s Air Quality (AQI) remains more than 300 even in January and February when no stubble is burnt. He stated that had stubble burning been the reason for pollution, it would have affected Punjab first.

The Punjab CM said that Delhi generates its own pollution vehicular emissions, construction activities, solid waste burning sweeping activities among others, as reported by Indian Express. Further showing scientific data he said that the AQI exceeded because of large population confined in a small area and wind velocity decreasing drastically in October.

He then said, “Having failed to deliver on governance to the people of the national capital, the chief minister was, as usual, trying to take refuge in falsehoods and fabrications,”.