You Won’t Believe The Amount Of Cash Seized By IT In Jaipur – Click To Read The Detailed Report


Police seized Rs 93.52 lakh in Rs 2,000 currency notes from seven people in Jaipur on Monday. Three people were arrested and the others detained in the two separate seizures.

Two people were detained allegedly after Rs 64 lakh, of which Rs 58 lakh was in denomination of Rs 2,000 notes, was seized from them, police said.

“On a tip off, a joint team of the CID’s crime branch and police intercepted their car when it was roaming in the area apparently to facilitate exchange of demonetised notes,” DCP (West) Ashok Gupta said, adding that Rs 6 lakh was of 100-rupee notes. More such raids are conducts across the state and is said to have recovered about 1.6 crore rupees

As Government conducted sting operations at 500 bank branches across the country. 400 CDs reach the Finance Ministry. Major crackdown on Bank officials likely and more arrests and exposes are expected soon. ‪Police seized ₹64 lakh (₹ 58 lakh in new ₹ 2,000 notes) from Jaipur. Probe going on.  ‪₹ 10 lakh new currency notes seized in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. Two person’s arrested. IT Raid at The Integral Urban Cooperative Bank branches in Jaipur. ₹ 15,659 crore undeclared income traced. Unaccounted ₹ 1.38 crore in new ₹ 2,000 seized.

The arrested in now been set to Jail and Investigations are on. The demonetization will unearth more such anti social elements who are a threat to Indian economy says senior BJP politicians