You Wont Believe What Has Happened In Delhi While Kejri Is Busy Cooking Politics And Its Not Pollution

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is a very busy man these days, he has his hands full at every instance. Be it the AAP Campaigning in Goa or the AAP Campaigning in Punjab, he is always there to entertain crowds even if it is hardly a handful. Apart from these busy campaigning schedules, he is always asking for Proof from the Modi Government. Be it Surgical Strike or any other attack on Pakistan at LOC, his blood seem to BOIL.

The latest addition to his schedule is the campaign for OROP. Although the Government has hiked their pension by 2.57 times (which was not done in the past 50 years), he seeks to fight for Justice for our Ex-Armymen. Arvind Kejriwal seem to create an illusion that he fights for the OROP of the Armymen, but also seeks proof for their bravery when it comes to Surgical Strikes at LOC, ironical isn’t it?

Delhi and its Citizens have voted for AAP hoping that this Government does some good to them. Be it the Delhi Dengue, Rising levels of Pollution or Cleaning up garbage in the City, AAP has failed miserably in even meeting the normal expectations of the people. But this latest breaking information will surprise you even more.

Safety of Women & Children has probably been one of the most important points in AAP’s manifesto. But they have failed miserably here as well. If you look at data from their own website, there has been 5589 missing children in the last one year. Out of this a mere 2884 have been recovered, a strike rate of 50%. Also the number of missing people in the City (including Children) are currently at a whopping 1,00,000 (1 Lakh).

Sadly, This AAP Government is neither interested in governing Delhi not in protecting its Citizens.