Wow !! Here How Just One Petition Changed The Life Of Two Disabled girls when it Was Seen By Sushma Ji

Sushma Swaraj is undoubtedly one of the best ministers of the current narendra modi government. She has been facilitating Citizens all around the globe with her twitter handle.

One recent such incident took place just a few days back .An elderly couple, wife 70 years old and husband 74, for about 40 years have been looking after their daughters. Both of them are physically disabled. The younger daughter, R. Sarvani is 90% disabled while the other one R. Gayathridevi is 72% who when even tries to walk, falls down and needs constant assistance.

The parents also had sons who would like to take care of sisters from now. But the passport se a Kendra was around 110 kms away from their home which they could have definitely not afforded to travel because of disability . Hence they created petition on . Here’s How Sushma ji helped them when this petition came under her eyes :