WOW: Power Minister Piyush Goyal Warns Uttar Pradesh Power Officials in a Fiery Style-VIDEO

India before 2014 was a power deficit country. With Coal Scam, where even our former PM Manmohan Singh was deeply involved, most of our power plants were lying idle for coal requirements. There was no initiative to use Solar Energy for electricity.

But with PM Modi and NDA coming to power in 2014 and Piyush Goyal taking over power ministry, this has eased out with many villages getting connected to electricity 1st time 60 years after indipendence(imagine the level of incompetency of Congress here). Moreover, India now produces more power then needed and has started exporting to neighboring countries.

24*7 power supply is aimed for all by 2019 and Govt is working hard to achieve this. With UP win by BJP and Yogiji taking over, Piyush Goyal gave a strict warning to UP Power officials, who were used to taking work lightly since many years under SP and BSP. The Video is going viral and below is the Video.


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