Wow! Yoga and Vegetarian Festival Organized in England by this Indian Girl Gets Featured in British Media

While we debate how Yoga, vegetarianism and Bhagwad Gita are anti-secular in India, the west has already recognized the pearls of wisdom in ancient Indian philosophy. According to estimates, there are 20 million Americans who practice Yoga and more than 7 million people have turned vegetarian. The numbers are increasing by the day. Many westerners confess that the ancient Indian philosophical texts such as Yoga Sutra by Patanjali and Srimad Bhagwad Gita have changed their perspective in life.


Recently, a unique Yoga and Vegan festival was organized in the city of Kingston. The event was supported and attended by the Mayor of Kingston. Thousands of Yogis and vegan enthusiasts participated in Yoga and meditation classes. A British media channel featured the festival


Watch the video:

Meet the Organizer:

The exponential growth of Yoga in the west, made this Indian girl (who is also a Yoga teacher) realize that the trend can be used to support another very important cause – vegetarianism. Kriti, who is originally from Delhi, moved to London a few years ago where she teaches Yoga. She is also an animal rights activist and a born vegetarian (turned vegan). She says, “The philosophy of Yoga teaches us Ahimsa (non-violence) and compassion so how can we claim to be Yogi or spiritual when we are contributing to the murder of living beings for food. We have formed an organization, Yogific, that aims to build a community of vegan Yogis worldwide. Yoga is not only limited to mats but extends to other aspects of your life including our dinner plate as well. We are organizing many events in Europe to spread awareness about Yoga and plant-based, cruelty-free diet.”

We wish Kriti all the best. If you would like to help her and support her organization, please visit her website

Note: Veganism goes a step further from vegetarianism and excludes any products that are derived from animals such as dairy, meat, leather, products tested on animals. It recognizes that all animals have a right to live with dignity.