Wrong to forcibly open the temples: West Bengal BJP head hits out at Mamata Banerjee government

West Bengal BJP unit president Dilip Ghosh on Sunday said that forcibly opening temples in the State is not the right decision as the priests are also scared of the spread of coronavirus.

“Why temples are being opened forcibly. We got information from Kalighat temple where priests are themselves scared of the spread of coronavirus. What is the need for this exercise,” asked Ghosh said at a press conference here.

He said the Central government has taken the responsibility to let workers reach their homes.
“But the State government is not willing to take them back. In that case, they will die. So, is the BJP responsible for that? The State government did not also provide a chance to Muslim workers to come to their homes,” he said.

He further alleged that “in West Bengal, no one follows lockdown. So, cases will increase. It was only for the BJP people. The State government has wasted two months putting the blame on the Governor and the Central government.”

Ghosh said: “Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has become physically and mentally tired. So, she should go for quarantine. That is why she said make corona as your pillow.”