WTH !!! Digvijay Singh Gives Another Shameful Statement on SIMI encounter and This Time It is much more Absurd

In an apparent attempt to rake up the Hindu – Muslim conflict in the country, Senior Congress Leader Digvijay Singh has made yet another shameful statement. He has directly accused the Madhya Pradesh Government of being partial to Hindus there by questioning “Why is it that only Muslims break out of Jail and not Hindus?”

Earlier, the Congress leader said the repeated instance of prisoners escaping from jails across the country suggested a larger ‘conspiracy’. Clearly Congress and its leaders seem to have a larger picture in mind and they are trying to evoke the same 2002 Gujarat riots kind of situation in India ahead of the polls for crucial states. If political parties show such shadow encouragement to Terrorists, it will create more internal security problems to India.

In a strongly worded rebuttal, BJP Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, has questioned Congress President Sonia Gandhi the motive of this statement. He wanted her to clarify if this is the official line of the Congress party.

Digvijay Singh is truly trying to Break Muslims away from India by making such statements. Don’t you feel the same way too ?