Yes H Raja is hated so much, but by whom is what matters a lot

Firstly, many non-Hindus ie., people of Abrahamic faith hate him. Secondly, the ‘Urban Naxals’ in Tamil Nadu hate him. There are a group of blind mob which believe anything that comes in the form of MEMEs, WhatsApp forwards & Facebook posts, they go to TASMAC frequently, spend most of their time watching movies, abuse with caste names, ill treat women, support polygamy & involve in all sorts of separatist activities like burning the National flag, breaking Hindu God idols, etc.

Let me try to put it in a more precise way:-

Converts, Jihadis, Anti-Nationals hate Shri H Raja because he is very straight forward, upright & speaks anything on the face. He calls a fraud as a fraud and an anti-National an anti-National.

  • He speaks truth about the Dravida Kazhagam (DK) separatists and exposes the British stooge EV Ramasamy aka EVR. EVR is a certified stooge of the British. He went to Jinnah and asked for a separate Dravida Naadu (Dravidasthan). He begged that the British should not leave Tamil Nadu and again asked them to rule from London.
  • EVR broke Lord Ganesha idols, put garland of slippers on Lord Ram.
  • EVR compared the great Thamizh scripture ‘Silapathikaaram’ with a prostitute.
  • EVR said ‘If you see a snake and Brahmin, kill the Brahmin’.
  • EVR said ‘virginity’ is fake, women should live as they wish. They should live with anybody and there must be no “restrictions”.
  • EVR called our Independence Day, August 15th as ‘Black Day’.
  • EVR defamed the great poet’s writing ‘Thirukkural’ and described it as shit kept on a silver plate.
  • EVR said ‘Thamizh’ is a barbaric language.
  • EVR said married women should not wear ‘Mangalsutra’ and it is foolish.
  • EVR married his own adopted daughter Maniyammai. At the time of marriage, EVR was 70+ and the lady was less than 30. When asked the reason, he said ‘Don’t I have the rights to taste the fruit which was brought up by me’?

Mentioned above are some of the major identities of EVR. These information were thoroughly exposed by Shri H Raja. So the DK’s who are hiding in the form of converts and Jihadis hate Raja so much. There are books with original findings about EVR’s other (actual) side. ‘Dravida Maayai’ exposes the identity of the anti-National EVR. ‘Vanavaasam’ written by Shri. kannadasan speak volumes about the Ramasamy gang.

H Raja is the National Secretary of the BJP, ex-MLA of Karaikudi, Chartered Accountant, Farmer, Chairman of Railway Passengers Amenity and he has held several key posts in the party. He currently holds the in charge of the Kerala State as well. His association with the Sangh and loyalty to the party has made him reach heights without expecting anything from the top cadre. Seeing his unmatched characteristics, the positions held by him so far had come to him without any influence.

During the Jallikattu agitation in Tamilnadu, many posers were busy in social media posting irrelevant and fake news. In the meantime, H Raja came with his own Bull for Jallikattu, even before the Modi Government’s ordinance came in favour of Jallikattu. He proved that he is a ‘Doer’.

H Raja openly slams the infectious missionaries and dangerous jihadis unlike others in the TN BJP. He supports the cadres, defends his ideology and makes sure that he is clear, crisp and daringly straight forward.

Hindu Temple Reclamation Movement, This incident made all the DK’s jittery because H Raja took up this issue, went on fasting for a day, made sure that all Hindus are aware about the idol theft, bribery and stealing of our Temple idols which are several 100 years old. This earned him a very big name indeed. Also, he exposed the appointment of non Hindus as administrators of our Hindu Temples.

The day Thillai Nataraja and Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy are blasted is the best day for Tamil Nadu, this was suggested by DMK leaders. This was exposed by H Raja, no wonder DMK hates him. Former Chief Minister C N Annadurai said Indians cannot even produce a pin, if the British left India. This was again exposed by H Raja.

There are more than hundreds of pages in Facebook, which spread hatred against H Raja because of the above mentioned points. They abuse him because he fights for the rights of Hindus and dares to oppose anybody who speak rubbish about Sanatana Dharma.

When DMK’s Stalin started with his so called Hindi protests in Tamil Nadu, Raja came out with few questions:-

  • Will Stalin and his DMK protest against their Sunshine school in Chennai? They teach compulsory Hindi and behave as if they are against it.
  • Karunanidhi with his influence, got a Central Ministry berth for Dayanidhi Maran. He also added, Dayanidhi knows Hindi so he is capable of handling the Ministry!

These are the heights of hypocrisy of these Dravidian lobbies. They never practice what they preach to others.

Coming to the crux of the content, there is not a single corruption case against Shri H Raja. There is no weakness for him unlike many of these Dravidian parties have. Likewise, there is no honest reason to oppose him directly. Hence, the ‘Urban Naxals’ of Tamilnadu and DK separatists end up abusing and scribble hatred against H Raja. Basically, if people cannot argue truthfully and logically, they end up calling you a ‘Sanghi’ or a Paapan (Brahmin).

Some semi intellectuals don’t even know the difference between Sharma and Sarma. ’Sarma’ is the surname for Brahmins from the South. So any ‘X’ name will have Sarma as their last name.

H Raja’s father is Mr. Hariharan (Harihara Sarma). So some jokers say H.Raja is from Bihar since his father’s name has Sarma as the last name. Look at the knowledge!!! People from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, etc have their surname is ‘Sharma’. But ‘Urban Naxals’ have no consciousness to understand the spelling also. That’s the level of maturity and geographical knowledge they have due to excessive cinema, TASMAC & rumor culture.

Hope the above sums up the mindset of the Raja haters. Loving and hating any person is absolutely one’s own wish. But spreading fake news, editing and twisting interviews, abusing one’s family, accusing without any base and creating memes will end up nowhere.

While many parties in TN used Ambedkar name in whatever they do., H Raja dropped one more bomb which was quoted by Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar himself.,

The theory of the Aryan race is just an assumption and no more.”!

Thie article was written by Sarvesh Bharadwaj

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SatyaVijayi.