Yogi Adityanath Strict Warning to Owaisi- 1 Jhatka Nahin Lagega Tujhe Thik Karne Mein, Sudhar Jaa

Yogi Adityanath threat to Owaisi image 1

See how Yogi Adityanath gives a strict warning to Owaisi over his remarks on killing all Hindus if police were to be removed for 15 minutes from India. This is an old video but it needs to be highlighted. Yogi Adityanath, in this video, asks those whose loyalties are with Pakistan to move there. He says he will also help arrange for them to be moved if needed. However, he says that those who are living in India and say that they are Indians and yet indulge in anti-national activities will not be taken lightly. Such activities won’t be tolerated. Any such intentions will get an answer in the language they understand.

Here is the video. Must watch and share


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