Yogi Govt Orders Video Recording of Independence Day Celebrations at UP Madrassas

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has issued an order that the Independence Day celebrations at all Madrassas across Uttar Pradesh should be video-graphed. The Madrassa Parishad Board sent a letter to the district minority officers regarding this on August 3.

As per the circular issued by U.P. government, they are expected to hoist national flag, recite the National Anthem and pay their tribute to our freedom fighters and martyrs. Furthermore, the Madrassas are expected to highlight the importance of Independence Day, by narrating stories and be told about the history of August 15.

Schools have also been asked to carry out cultural or sports events along the wider theme of national unity, distribute sweets and film the entire event.

Manager of Madrassa Arabia in Gorakhpur, Haji Syed Tahwar Hussain, has questioned the motive of the circular.”Madrassas and thir teachers have made valuable contribution in India’s freedom struggle. In spite of this, it is unfortunate and condemnable that we are being treated with suspicion,” he said.

Sources within the Government had said that the decision to video-graph the events was taken after allegations that some Madrassas didn’t follow procedures on previous Independence Day celebrations.

BJP National IT Cell head Amit Malviya had tweeted two instances as to why this decision by the Yogi Government makes a lot of sense now. What are your views on this decision by the Uttar Pradesh Government?

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