Hindu sisters Kidnapped and forced into marriage to Muslim Families in Kolkata, father alleges Love Jihad

The abduction and forced conversions of two minor Hindu girls in Pakistan’s Sindh became a matter of global concern with none less than India’s External Affairs Minister taking cognizance of the incident. But now a similar incident is being reported out of one of India’s leading metropolitan city, Kolkata.

Shyam Thakur, a resident of Kolkata has alleged that his two daughters, Sakhi (17) and Rakhi (20) were abducted on the afternoon of 11th of March, and forcibly married to two men namely, Shahbaz Khan and Amir Ahmed Khan. While Thakur has managed to bring the minor daughter Sakhi back with himself, the elder one Rakhi is still with her abductor.

According to Shyam Thakur, both of his daughters had went for their higher secondary exams on 11th of March, but when they did not return home even post 2:30pm in the afternoon, he started searching for them. He first contacted the friends of his daughters but as they couldn’t give any satisfactory answers, he filed a complaint at Jorabagan police station.

Within a couple of days, police found one of the abductors and took Shyam Thakur to his residence. However, the abductor was not present at home when police and Thakur went there and his relatives told them that he is out for exams. According to Thakur, police took contact details of the abductor’s family members and kept discussing something with them which he couldn’t hear.

The next day, police told Thakur that his daughters would be back by evening and asked him to appear in the police station at around 4pm. Obeying the instructions, Thakur went to the police station at the asked time. Two hours later, his daughters along with their abductors arrived at the police station, and he was informed that both the girls have been married off and while Sakhi would be returned back to him because of being a minor, Rakhi will remain with her husband Amir Ahmed Khan. Sakhi was handed over to Shyam Thakur by Police, later in the same evening.

After coming back with her parents, Sakhi reportedly revealed that Shahbaz Khan first befriended her by introducing himself as a Hindu boy named Aaryan. According to the victim, after fairly long time she discovered that the boy is in fact a Muslim, following which she decided severe all ties with him. However, the boy along with his friends started threatening both Sakhi and and her sister that they would kill their family. This was before the abduction.

(excerpts from the police complaint filed by Shyam Thakur)

Social activists, Suraj Kumar Singh and Saroj Kumar Mishra who brought the matter to our notice, have taken up the cause of bringing Rakhi back with her family. Suraj Kumar Singh said that they would be taking legal action against the maulvi who converted the two girls and the registrar who registered their marriage. While speaking to Satyavijayi, Singh further alleged that police provided adequate time to the abductors to convert the victims and get married with them.