Your religion should empower you, not disempower you: Kangana Ranaut reacts to Zaira Wasim controversy

“Your religion should empower you, not disempower you,” Kangana Ranaut said while reacting to Zaira Wasim’s choice to quit acting.

The statement comes days after the ‘Dangal’ actor announced her disassociation from acting in Bollywood stating that her current line of work is silently and unconsciously transitioned her “out of imaan (faith)”.

“I think any religion should empower you. It should make you independent and confident and if you think your life is full filled, there is plenty of work to do around you. Try and help people around you. But essentially the very fundamental requirement of any religion is to empower you not disempowered you,” the actor asserted.

On June 30, the ‘Secret Superstar’ actor shared a detailed post on her social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the post, the actor stated that her work damaged her “peace, imaan and relationship with Allah.”

A day after the 18-year-old actor announced her decision, certain media outlets quoted the actor’s manager as claiming that her social media accounts were hacked.

However, shortly after the news made its way to the headlines, both, the actor and her manager Tuhin Mishra, dismissing all the rumours and confirmed that the actor was handling her social media accounts all by herself.

Shortly after the post went public, it divided the Twitterverse. While some supported her decision of quitting, others questioned it.

The matter also spiralled into a political debate with leaders divided over the actor’s statement.