Youth Congress caught photoshopping party flag in place of national flag

The Gujarat unit of Youth Congress recently had to face much embarrassment after it was caught sharing a morphed image through its official twitter handle.

In a bid to project itself as the obvious choice of people across religious lines, the Gujarat Youth Congress on 10th April had tweeted an image showing five men from different religions holding their party flag. In the tweet, it was said that it is only Congress which could keep Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians together.

However, later it was learnt that the image tweeted by Gujarat Youth Congress was a morphed one. The actual version of the photograph which was posted by one Muni Lokesh, a Jain saint, on 26th January 2018, featured men from different religions walking down the Indo-Pak border with India’s national flag, sending out a message of secularism and solidarity.

In the morphed version of the image shared by Youth Congress, the national flag was very cleverly cropped and replaced with Congress party’s flag. On being called out, Gujarat Youth Congress later deleted the tweet without offering any explanation or apology.