Youth Congress shares abusive animated video about Prime Minister and top BJP leaders

The political standards of this country are touching a new low with every passing day. From flying paper airplanes inside the parliament to lying about an ailing person, to even wishing for the death of your political opponents, we have perhaps seen it all. And now this new crude culture of Indian politics seems to be taking over the social media as well.

Recently, the official Facebook page of the Indian youth Congress, shared an animated video, in which the characters appeared to be resembling Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Defence Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman. The entire 2 minutes and 47 seconds long video was full of abusive dialogs.

The video opens up with a scene in which the characters resembling BJP leaders are seen having a meeting about the Rafale controversy. In a passage, the character resembling Yogi Adityanath suggests a solution to the controversy saying “Rafale ka naam badal do aur Congress rakh do (let’s change the name of Rafale and name it Congress). To this, the character resembling Prime Minister Modi responds saying, “Saale tumko bakaiti ke alawa kuch aata hai? (do you know anything apart from speaking nonsense).”

To watch the video click here

The term Saala, which literally means wife’s brother, is also used as an abuse in Hindi and multiple other Indian languages. As an abuse it means that you are sleeping with the insulted person’s sister. While Bakaiti is also an abusive word which means speaking nonsense. Both the terms are used numerous times in the animation.

Further in the video, the character resembling Yogi Adityanath is seen calling the character resembling Prime Minister Modi as “Bakaito ke raja (King of those who speak nonsense).”

“Chowkidaar chor hai (caretaker is himself the thief),” a phrase coined by Congress President Rahul Gandhi in reference to the incumbent Prime Minister, also finds a mention in the animated short.

The creators of the animation, who very clearly seem to be politically motivated, tried their best to not use any real names during the course of the video. But towards the end of it, they perhaps couldn’t refrain themselves from doing so. At the end of the video, the character resembling Yogi Adityanath says, “Pradhan mantri ka naam badalkar Gadkari rakh dete hai, wah Modi ji wah! (let’s rename Prime Minister as Gadkari, great Modi ji great).”

Such animated videos with abusive dialogs have become very popular among the Hindi speaking audience in YouTube.

But the official Facebook page of the youth wing of country’s oldest political party, sharing such videos containing abusive dialogs and characters resembling their rivals, is something that many hadn’t expected. It seems like the days of political decency are fast fading away. And the future is of a political culture that has crude and abusive attacks at its base.