Zaira Wasim case: Actual molestation or publicity stunt?

On Sunday morning a lot of us woke up with a video of actress Zaira Wasim. In the video Zaira alleged that a man molested her on a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. She said that a person who was sitting behind her repeatedly touched her using his feet. During the entire video Dangal actress was seen crying and she broke down several times. It didn’t took long for the video to go viral which was originally posted by Zaira on her Instagram.

While the accused person called Vikas had a completely different story to tell. According to him he was returning from a funeral and was very tired. Upon boarding the flight he asked the crew to not to disturb him as he intended to sleep the entire time on flight. He said that it is possible that while sleeping his feet unintentionally touched Zaira for which he even apologized. The statement of Vikas matches with that of the Airlines company.

At this point of time none surely knows what is the truth and what is not, and before making any remarks on the subject one should remember that just like molestation of a woman is bad and is a crime similarly character assassination of a man is equally bad. We are not blaming or Shaming Zaira but asking the media and certain section of people to restrain themselves from jumping to any conclusions this early.

Woman molestation is a regular issue in this country which needs to be stopped but at the same time character assassination of men is also a serious issue as we all remember the Rohtak sisters case. In late 2014 a video went viral in which two sisters were seen beating few boys using belts on a running bus for allegedly molesting them. The media and a certain section of people were quick to brand those girls as Bravehearts. Later it was found that the boys did nothing like molestation and they had just asked the girls to vacant a seat which was alloted for senior citizens so that an old lady could sit. The mainstream media and a section of people were shameless enough to not even apologize for glorifying the act of those girls.

We do not intend to say that Zaira is lying but there indeed are some thought provoking questions on this entire issue. Why Zaira didn’t raise alarm the moment she felt that someone was touching her? Now one may say that Zaira being a teenager might have felt uncomfortable in doing so but we must remember that she was not alone on that flight but was accompanied by her mother. Even if Zaira was uncomfortable her mother could have raised an alarm. They could have directly asked the person sitting behind or could have complained to the crew. Though while Zaira in her Instagram video said nothing about complaining to the crew later statements said that she did complain to the crew. If she complained to the crew and they did nothing then the case should be filed against the private airline instead of the person. Even if we leave what transpired inside the flight what Zaira did after coming out of the flight is even more surprising and thought provoking.

After coming out of the flight she should have directly went to police or concerned authorities but instead of doing that she posted a video on Instagram. Does the judicial system of the country works from social media nowadays? We can understand such childish behavior from Zaira if she was alone but she wasn’t, Zaira was with her mother. Instagram cannot give someone justice, all it can give is public attention if that was the main intention. There are some people who are saying that this is nothing but a publicity stunt and they have good reasons to say so. It is a huge mystery that what made Zaira or her mother believe that posting a crying video on Instagram first is going to be more helpful than complaining to police? And another important question which a lot of people are asking that if tomorrow the accused person is found not guilty then will Zaira compensate for assasinating his character?

Whether it is a publicity stunt, a misunderstanding or a true case of molestation is something we will get to know only after the investigation.