Zakir trusts Congress? Says won’t be coming back to India until the BJP is in power, Congress better than them

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik who reportedly is currently living in Malaysia, said that he won’t be returning to India until the Narendra Modi led BJP government is at centre.

“It was better before than it is now. Before the BJP government came, you could speak against the government, and at least 80 per cent of the times you would get justice. Today the chances are 10-20 per cent,” Naik said in an interview with The Week.

Naik, on the question of returning to India if there is a change in the government, said, “Yes, of course, the chances of returning are much more,”

“Today, everyone is saying something for their own benefit, including the Congress. Out of the two evils, the Congress is the lesser evil,” he said adding that he fears for “the country and the Muslims if the BJP comes back to power,”

On the question of him being the inspiration behind several terror attacks in the recent years, the Islamist preacher said that he never inspired anybody to kill people and that anyone suggesting so is “lying”.

Zakir Naik is wanted by India for allegedly inciting young people with his hate speeches. He is being probed for terror and money laundering charges by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).