‘Zero Traffic’ could be taken off for VIP’s if Ambulances and Emergency vehicles are struck: Dr.G.P.Parameshwar

Deputy Chief Minister in the Coalition Government in Karnataka Dr. G. Parameshwara has written to the DGP – Karnataka not to provide ‘Zero Traffic’ to VIP vehicles whenever there is movement of Ambulances in the route earmarked for VIP’s. This will apply for the Dy.Chief Minister as well.

In a letter addressed to DGP – Neelamani Raju signed by him, he said:

“As per protocol applicable to VIP’s i have personally observed that all vehicles belonging to Ministers and VIP’s are given ‘Zero Traffic’ even when there are emergencies and Ambulances need to ply on the route, where VIP’s are travelling. This is not only inconveniencing the general public but also risking the lives of those under emergency. Taking this into consideration i appeal the Police department not to cause inconvenience to Emergency vehicles by restricting their movement, when VIP vehicles are in movement” he said in the letter dated 07.07.2018.

This move by Dy.Chief Minister is highly laudable at a time when his own cabinet colleague HD Revannna guzzles up Diesel by travelling 350 kms daily to his home town in Holenarasipura.

Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy himself has avoided taking a government car and instead uses his Range Rover due to medical reasons. His Range Rover (which is uneconomical fuel wise) is specially fitted with special shock absorbers for smooth movement.

Minority affairs minister Zameer Ahmed was particular on using a ‘bigger’ car as he is not accustomed using the government alloted Innova. His persistent efforts bore fruit, as the government alloted him a bigger vehicle.

It remains to be seen if the cabinet colleagues of Dr. G. P. Parameshwara follow suit and implement the same in their daily travel. Thousands of motorists suffer, particularly in Bengaluru due to Traffic movement. The motorists have often vented their frustration in social media.